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Our highly trained team members are able to implement numerous protocols and maintain security systems.

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All of our guards are Fully Licenced, Insured and Trained. 

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Cautions and cameras now and again aren’t sufficient for you to feel like your premises are totally protected from interlopers. Berks security officers are worked in observing areas which require an intensive assessment of the premises and can even give watches past assigned regions. Berks Security has given portable security arrangements, which implies we have immense experience and ability with regards to giving top-quality security. In case you’re searching for a persuaded, solid and client arranged security organization that can convey quick turnaround speed to security breaks to ensure every last bit of your business, connect with Berks Security today.

We can produce and undertake internal or external patrols to act as a visual deterrent, to be carried out randomly, so that the pattern of the patrols remains ambiguous for any unwanted visitors.

Criminals can strike anywhere and anytime. There is no predicting it, and you can’t predict what will happen when it does strike. All you know is that you don’t want it striking anywhere near your business or your property. That is where Patrol Security Services can help. Instead of predicting when criminal activity might take place, or reacting to the scene left by a criminal, when you utilise our patrol services, you limit the potential of anything affecting your establishment.

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